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Cost and return studies for fruit, vegetable, field, tree and vine crops, and animal commodities are available. To view the studies you may need to download Adobe Reader for free.

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Archived Studies with Olive Oil
CommodityRegionCountyYearProduction Conditions
Olive Oil [pdf]Costa Central, Costa Nortesee map 2011 Medium Density Orchard. Bottled Olive Oil. Establishment and Production.
Olive Oil [pdf]Sacramento Valleysee map 2007 High-density planting; Oil production
Olive Oil [pdf]San Joaquin Valley North, San Joaquin Valley Southsee map 2007 High-density planting; oil production; establishment and production
Olive Oil [pdf]
Olive Oil [xls]
Sacramento Valleysee map 2004 High-density orchard; Oil production
Olive Oil [pdf]Costa Centralsee map 2001 Establish orchard, Oil production
Olive Oil [pdf]Costa Nortesee map 1999 Establish orchard, Oil production

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