Latest Cost Studies

  • Rice [pdf]
    2021: Sacramento Valley
    Rice-only rotation, Medium grain
  • Oranges [pdf]
    2021: San Joaquin Valley South
    Establishment and Production, Navels, Low-Volume Irrigation
  • Alfalfa [pdf]
    2020: San Joaquin Valley North, Intermountain, San Joaquin Valley South, Sacramento Valley
    Organic, Establish and Production, Flood Irrigation
  • Avocados [pdf]
    2020: San Diego County
    High Density Planting
  • Pistachios [pdf]
    2020: San Joaquin Valley South
    Low-volume Irrigation
  • Lemons [pdf]
    2020: Ventura County
    Establishment and Production, Micro-sprinkler Irrigation
  • Alfalfa [pdf]
    2020: Siskiyou County
    Establishment and production, Scott Valley - Mixed Irrigation
  • Grapes/Wine [pdf]
    2020: Napa County
    Establishment & Production, Mechanical Cultural Operations, Cabernet Sauvignon

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Dr. Karen Klonsky: Distinguished Professional and Warm and Caring Friend

Klonsky, Karen.jpg Dr. Karen Klonsky, Emeritus University of California Cooperative Extension Specialist in Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis died on September 26, 2018, at age 66 after an extended illness.

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Current Cost and Return Studies

These are the most recent cost and return studies for a broad range of commodities produced in California. Studies can be sorted by commodity, production region, or county within California. All studies are available in pdf format. Selected studies are also available in spreadsheet format.

Archived Cost and Return Studies

Archived cost and return studies either have been replaced with more recent studies for the same commodity and production region, or they are more than five years old. Studies date back to 1931.

Tree and Vine Loss Calculators

These spreadsheets calculate the value of a single tree or vine lost to any cause. Calculators are available for each major tree and vine crop produced in CA, both with or without replacement of the tree or vine. The user can vary the yield, price, age when lost, orchard spacing, and other factors.

Conservation Practice Studies

Cost studies for nine alternative conservation practices used on the Central Coast are available in pdf format. Each study details the associated costs for installation, operation, and maintenance and the expected benefits for the conservation practice.

Cow/Calf Budget Calculators

These worksheets contain budgets for cow/calf production for winter hay feeding or winter pasture. The user can vary the costs of inputs, number of head, and prices to compare alternative management strategies.