Current Cost and Return Studies

Cost and return studies for fruit, vegetable, field, tree and vine crops, and animal commodities are available. To view the studies you may need to download Adobe Reader for free.

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Current Studies for 2009
CommodityRegionCountyYearProduction Conditions
Blueberries [pdf]San Joaquin Valley South Tulare 2009 Establishment and Production
Lettuce [pdf]Central Coast Monterey/Santa Cruz 2009 ORGANIC Leaf Lettuce
Lettuce [pdf]Central Coastsee map 2009 Iceberg (head lettuce), 40-inch beds.
Mixed Vegetables [pdf]Intermountain - Sierra Nevada Nevada/Placer 2009 Tomatoes, Melon, Squash. Small Farm. Farmers' Market Sales
Nectarines [pdf]San Joaquin Valley Southsee map 2009 Jul-Aug Harvest, Fresh Market, Furrow Irrigation, Establishment and Production
Peaches [pdf]San Joaquin Valley Southsee map 2009 Fresh Market, Jul-Aug Harvest, Establishment and Production
Sudangrass [pdf]San Joaquin Valley Southsee map 2009 Sudan Hay
Sudangrass [pdf]San Joaquin Valley Southsee map 2009 Sudan Silage
Timothygrass [pdf]Intermountain Lassen/Shasta 2009 Hay, Establishment and Production
Walnuts [pdf]Sacramento Valley, San Joaquin Valley North Lake 2009 Hulling and Drying Facility Cost Study


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